Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Timing is a funny thing... I've bought a few new Blythes over the last two weeks, and two of them arrived within a day of each other. So, although I ordered my Merry Skier 2 weeks ago, she was shipped late and arrived the same time as the Disco Boogie I bought last week. I picked them up at the Post Office this morning and waited for M to get in before we each grabbed a box and pulled the girls out :-D

So, here's Daphne, my Disco Boogie. I have to say when I took her out, she looked so sad! I let her hang with Georgie for awhile to see if that would help cheer her up. I think that and my brushing her hair a bit helped. Here's the pic I got with Georgie trying to console her:

Once I finished taking photos of Daphne, I pulled out Magda, my Merry Skier. She is so much prettier in person! I had planned to cut bangs, but think I might leave her alone for a little while to really bond with her. Here's her first official photo:

I'm really digging the braids - maybe because it reminded me of this:

I'll leave you to guess who that might be ;-)


j said...

OMG!!!! it's merry skier at the Holiday Inn!!!! so sweet!!!

awwww...daphne's lovely, but yes, she does look sad :(
georgie is a sweet<3 !

hey magda...that is some ROCKIN' hair!!! is that a brown or black carefull or auntie J may come by & accidentally steal those killer MS pj's!!! :-P

congrats hun!

Anonymous said...

you look so cute. love the hair. --d in new york.

Anonymous said...

What a little Pippi Longstocking you were!!!...we would have been friends as kids if we had just met back the look you were sportin'!!!

;) Elle S...