Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wardrobe Refashion

While trolling through some comments on my flickr, I came across a picture of a shirt made from Simplicity 4589, which led me even further down the rabbit-hole to this website. O.M.G. I must do this! It feeds into all my neuroses... er, I mean, hobbies! 1) I love to sew and knit, 2) I have a ton of fabric and yarn to be gotten through and 3) I really need to save some money after splurging on a certain Blythe doll...

Gentle River

I've already bought the fabric I want to use for my high school reunion dress, so I think I'm covered.... Oh, wait - there is one more pair of shoes I want to buy... Hmmmm... Well, I haven't signed up yet, so I could in theory buy them and then sign up - that wouldn't really be considered cheating, would it? ;-)

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