Sunday, September 30, 2007

My So Called Crafty Life

I am drowning in yarn and fabric, and yet I wouldn't have it any other way. The one thing I wish is that sewing were more portable, then I would be able to get more done on that end of the spectrum. Instead, I've taught myself to walk and knit (so long as there isn't any lace involved) and can usually get a row or two of knitting in while I walk from the parking garage to the office. So, at least it feels like I've accomplished something before I get to work. Otherwise, it feels like all I do is make lists of all the things I'd like to be working on :-/

To better organize myself and how I spend my time, I've made a general weekly schedule, which assigns projects to me during the week - everything from work, to exercise to sewing and writing (yup, I've decided it's time to get back to work on the novel). At least this way, I have my little checklist to tick off one line item at time so I know I've done more than play Animal Crossing and Picross (most evil game ever!) all week.

Sunday nights are devoted to cutting out sewing projects, and so far, I've cut out a pair of pajama bottoms from a pattern I've made quite a few times. They'll sew up super fast and then I'll have yet another thing to cross off my to-do list :-D

I took a crappy flash picture so I could share the fabric - it's bagels and New York style coffee cups on a red background. I have a ceramic version of the coffee cup, which I use every morning for my coffee at work. It's one of my favorites (favorite one being the Snoopy "I think I'm allergic to morning" one I've had since I was 4). Cute, huh?

Coffee+bagels=cute pajama pants

I figure every little bit counts when it comes to getting back in to my crafting life.

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