Monday, December 26, 2005

It's a One Skein Wonder Obsession

I saw Glampyre's One Skein Wonder (OSW), and thought, ooh, that looks interesting. Certainly more interesting than another scarf, hat, shawl or poncho. I bought the pattern and put off starting it because it asked for stitches I hadn't done yet, and was kinda worried about. Well, I bought the Knitting Answer Book and looked it up in there, and the k1fb (knit 1 front and back) that I was so worried about turned out to be the easiest thing I'd learned since purling. Funny how we dread something until we actually do it.

So, now that I have the hang of it, I have become a bit obsessed... I started last night and had this:

After dinner, while M played with his new Guitar Hero (my present to him), I got obsessed with my OSW. I chose Noro Kujaku yarn, which is variegated, so it ends up being self striping. Anyway, I just couldn't stop and am now 5 rows from the end. Here's what it looks like now:

If I keep on this way, I'll be done with it tonight - woo hoo!

I love knitting! And all these years I thought I was just into sewing. Knitting, who knew?

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