Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lo Squishy

I have a friend from work whom I go hiking with every weekend. Well, we've skipped this weekend since she's been sick :-( So, I'm feeling a little squishy (which also happens to be one of her nicknames) and trying to think of ways to avoid exercising. I've just eaten breakfast at noon on a Sunday (God, I love Sundays!), so really can't exercise unless I want my stomach to cramp up during my walk. So, I figure I have about an hour or two to kill before the dreaded exercise session.

Speaking of *dreaded*, last night I finally gave M the Dreaded Knitted Object aka the DKO. See, it's supposed to *curse* a relationship if you give your boyfriend a knitted sweater before you're married. So, I wanted to make him something, but it couldn't be a sweater. To the rescue - the boyfriend scarf! I made it length-wise, using the rustic scarf pattern from last-minute knitted gifts as a guide and some sale yarn from stitch cafe and a left over ball from one of my mom's sweaters. It's possibly the most gorgeous and professional looking knitted object I've ever made. But why don't you judge for yourself?

This pic was taken before I'd woven in all the ends, so don't let that distract you...

M just called me to say he woke up at 7:20 this morning and looked over at the clock, saw the time and thought, "Best Buy opens at 8, do I want to go get on line to get an XBox 360? It's cold, oh, but I have the DKO to keep me warm!" Haha! Success!!!!!!!!! He didn't get the 360 - Best Buy only had 40 units, and M said the majority of buyers looked like they were just going to post them on Ebay. Little children everywhere will be waking up on Xmas without their XBoxes. So sad.

So I did a count of knitting projects the other day, and realized I have over 12 projects lined up. It's very daunting! Especially since I consider myself more of a sewer than a knitter. And to top it off, I frogged a poncho I'd made from Teen Knitting Club because it was pulling out of shape, so I'm going to reknit it on smaller needles (the very needles I need for two other projects... Garr - I can't knit fast enough!). M's getting used to the sight of me knit my way through lunch and dinner.

I also have a lot of sewing projects lined up and in various stages of completion. I am so looking forward to the 2 four day weekends I have coming up! First day of the first four day weekend is going to be devoted to cleaning. And I think I'll probably also dedicate the last day of the second four day weekend for the same - just because I know how I like to spread out). At least that way I can start the year off with a clean apartment :-) Whether it stays that way is a totally different story :-P


mac geekette said...

scarf is_rad_.
8 a.m. + Best Buy ÷ 40 units = no XBox 360?
= poor guy.

hey. ♥ the new blog. the design, the color...awesomeness.

erik fischer said...

Hey. I want an XBOX 360! Can your boyfriend pick up one for me the next time he wakes up early? I can cut him a check or reimburse by PayPal. Danke.