Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Latest To Join The Fray Is...


She's an absolute stunner. I had to go to my local PO twice before I got her (they felt the need to try to deliver her to me twice, even though I wasn't home to receive her). Anyway, she's well worth the wait. She's a Tweedly Do - a Japanese Toys R Us exclusive. Why can't the Toys R Us in the States have such cool exclusives?

Aside from Ebay, I haven't found any stores in town that carry Blythe, but did recommend her to an anime store owner at the Westside Pavillion. In the meantime, I placated myself with their lack of Blythe with a few boxes of Pocky. Mmmmm - chocky Pocky. Olivia is probably my last for a little while, even though I wouldn't mind a Samedi Marche or Asian Butterfly if one showed up for the right price... The anime store owner said to check back with him in April, which is just what I'll do ;-)


jbb said...

i love her bangs! she's way cute!

Elle S. said...

Love the bangs AND the dress!