Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Little Butterfly

Ah, so I caved and got an Asian Butterfly Encore Blythe. She's really quite gorgeous in person - the flash from the camera makes her hair extra blue, but in person it's much more subtle. Her name is Violet, and she'll be dressing like the character from The Incredibles in no time ;-) She just has that leave me alone teenage personality. A little like me at that age, actually.

Here's her first official Photo on my blog:

I have a couple design ideas for her, as well as some costume ideas for Blythe in general that I think will turn out well. Now I just need to find the time to work on them.

1 comment:

pixelleposse said...

before i saw v, i was like, oh....i'll get an ABE one day...maybe just the petites (one of the cutest petites, IMHO)...then i saw her in person!
gorgeous. i LOVE those tresses. you're right, pix always make her hair *BLUE!* but it's this gorgeous offshoot of indigo....and so soft!

congrats hun, can't wait to see what designs you concoct & to see v. in her The Incredibles gig!