Friday, February 03, 2006


Since I've been sewing since I was 10, I tend to buy things I can't make (or can't make as cheaply), which has led to a minor obsession with shoes. On top of that, the nice thing about feet is that once they stop growing, that's pretty much it - even if you gain a few pounds, your shoes still fit. So, since my feet have been the same size since I was 14, add in my love of shoes, and you understand that I have a lot of shoes. It's your basic equation of if P=>Q and Q=>R then P=>R, too. There should be one person in my reading audience who will get this. ;-)

Sometimes, I don't pick my shoes for comfort. Sometimes they're just little pieces of art (read: super uncomfortable). Now, we all know art is in the eye of the beholder, so this doesn't mean everyone will find them attractive (I can guarantee my mom won't like these). In fact, if I hadn't fallen for them, I'd probably find them kinda ugly, but they speak to my inner granola child and days of making candles and tie dye t-shirts back in kindergarten. I've worn them once already and they were so uncomfortable, I was barefoot by the afternoon. Now, I have to say they only came in whole sizes (and I'm a half-size), so they were slipping around and gave me humongous blisters. Well, I'm going to try them again today, only this time I've inserted Dr. Scholl's in the hopes that will take up the extra half-size and make them wearable. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to find a worthy girlfriend to take them off my hands. So, wish me luck - my feet are gonna need it.

Here's a pic of the aforementioned shoes (note Dr. Scholl's already inserted):

On the plus side, they're platforms, so I'm going to be super tall today (another fantasy of mine, and one achieved through high heels only until science catches up with me).

Edited to add: I ended up having to wear them with my gym socks to keep them on properly. Also, the left heel tap fell off, so I was rhythmically challenged for most of the day, but no blisters - and that's a very good thing in my book :-)

PS - Picked up some heel grips at Target and now they fit PERFECTLY sans gym socks. Still gotta fix the heel taps (right one's about to fall off now too), but I can take them to the Shoe Doctor for that.


jbb said...

Shoe Doctor at the formerly known as the Fashion Square_rules_.

those are WAY cute. too bad we never got pix with the gym socks!!!

tubes? ;-P

Fashion said...

The green shoe looks like my wife's shoe...that was bought fromCaterpillar is good,,,,,