Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bad Girl

Didi's been disturbing my co-workers most of the day, and so she's been placed in time out until it's time to go home.

I showed her to M, and he found her so disturbing that he loves her even more. He also loves how photogenic she is. Then he said, "I could see how this could become an obsession and how you couldn't have just one." To which I then confessed that I already bought another... He wasn't surprised. Thank God we're both collectors or we'd have a hard time getting along. A similar pathos is essential to a healthy relationship. I told him I'd probably end up with 5 total... We'll see if I keep my word. One thing's for sure - she will not be sleeping anywhere in my room or I'll be having nightmares. It's the eyes.


theanonymous1 said...

time out? *snort_snort*

i can't wait til didi's eyes go 360 without yanking her chain...muahahahaaaaa.

CHUCKY said...

aw, that was mean what theanonymous1 said...

dolls have feelings too you know.