Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Infected By Blythe

I saw Gina Garan's book, "This is Blythe" back in Fall, 2001 and added it to my amazon wish list in January, 2002. Now, four years later, I am finally going to pick up my first Blythe. I no longer need to stare longingly at the disturbingly gorgeous pictures of everyone else's Blythes. I will now have my own! I am oddly elated by this, even though I am, ahem, legally of the adult-persuasion. Up til now, I've been a staunchly Barbie Girl, with a few dalliances into Dawn, Tiffany Taylor and more recently Bratz and My Scene. So, what started the recent obsession? This did.

So, which Blythe am I getting? Well, I actually got two (shhh - don't tell M, he thinks I only got one!), but the first one I purchased is coming via mail. So it turns out the second one I purchased will be the first one in hand since I am picking her up at will call in the morning!!!!!! Woo hoo! She's a Madame Rosebud, and I can't wait to dress her in black - the better to show off her pink (yes, pink) hair. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself.

I've been thinking of a name for her, and I know I should wait until I see her to be sure... But, I'm feeling a little inspired by Didi Cohn in Grease - I mean, the hair, c'mon - it looks just like her! So, it's a toss up between *Pinky* and *Didi*. Didi's character name, *Frenchy*, just does not speak to me... So, I'll unveil new pics and her official name tomorrow.

Now that I've told you all about my first Blythe, you're probably wondering what the other one was I purchased. Well, I'm a red head, so I have this thing for red-haired dolls... So it really should come as no surprise that this was the other Blythe I purchased.

Yes, I think she'll do just fine! And, of course, now that I have two, I'm already thinking of which others I'd like to have. It's a sickness, I tell you. I have been infected by Blythe.

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MacGeekette said...

oh the pinky tresses! ...gotta luv that!

these blythe babes. something so mysterious in a creepy-eery-beautiful sort of way.

too bad i too po' to afford one o' these for meself.
eh, i'll just look at these purdiful pictures on your blog for fun :-)