Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Present To You...


Damn she's cute. And heavy! I had no idea. Oh, and her head's a little flat. I can totally see why kids were scared of her back in 1970s... But, she has serious potential. I want to dress her all in black, as she's really just a beatnik at heart. ;-)

Don't believe me? See her now!

She's playing nicely with my motion buddy. I like her already.

Edited to add: I finally realized I misheard her when she told me her name - it's not Didi, but "Deirdre". You know dolls, they're not so good at annunciation, and I've become a little hard of hearing after all those rock concerts I went to in high school. So, now we know ;-)

1 comment:

macG said...

what's her name? she purdy!

erm, what's motion buddy? sounds kinda--