Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Progress is progressing

I thought I'd give you all a quick update on my Swirl Girl. Overall, I'm really pleased with the way the CLR treatment is coming along. Her hair is mostly green-free now! There's still a touch in the ponytail, so I put a little CLR on it, and it should be gone by morning. There was also a tiny splotch of green on her right cheek and that, too, is almost gone. Her ears are finally making progress, which I'm very relieved to see. Here's a pic for you to judge for yourself:

I figure at this rate, she should be mostly green-free by weekend, and completely healed within 2 weeks. Then I'll re-wrap her ponytail, dress her and put her on display.

I'm pretty happy with how fast the green is clearing up, as Swirls are supposed to be notoriously difficult to de-green (is that even a word?), and would definitely recommend this treatment for vintage Barbies.

1 comment:

bride of chucky said...

hee hee.
she looks like she's been listening to her iShuffle headset a little.
put her on an iTunes diet and a little Spa CLR&R...
nonetheless, guh-hor-ju$$ eyebrows.