Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ugly is the new Pretty

Sunday was spent checking out a store in Echo Park that carried Blythe with Snoopygirl and another local girl from the forum. It was cool to see them in a store, but 1) I already had the few they had in stock, and 2) they were vastly over-priced (about double what they cost on ebay).

There were a couple boutiques nearby that had some very expensive, obviously geared to young Hollywood clothing. I'm fine with expensive clothes if they're well-made, but ugh, these took the cake. Edges were all unravelling, and it looked like they were the craft project in a jr high school sewing class. We all joked that all we had to do was come up with the ugliest thing possible and then sell it for loads of money. There was one item in particular, a skirt made from a cheetos t-shirt - it was cute, but for $60? I don't think so... Especially when you consider the t-shirt probably cost them $1 at the local thrift store, + $2 for the elastic waistband. Anyway, it got me thinking: The more expensive something is, regardless of perceived beauty, the more exclusive and valuable it is. Name it - cars, houses, clothing - the more it costs, the more likely there will be some idiot prepared to pay more for the right to say they belong to that rarified club that can afford to buy it (whatever IT is). As for the clothing, the ugly factor just adds to the *hip* factor - "I don't care how I look or how much I pay to look this way - that's how hip I am!" Let's all say it together now: "Dumbasses" or as I like to say it "Dumas" (doo-moss).