Monday, October 30, 2006


I wish it were a long vacation that kept me away from my blog for so long, but really it's just been work, work and more work for the last few months. And just when I thought I had some relief, the person I've been training goes and gets herself on bedrest for the next two months. Ugh. Mmmm - bedrest - gawd that sounds frickin' amazing to me right about now!.

So, anyway, it's almost Halloween, and I'll be doing my usual "turn off the lights hide in the bedroom" routine for it. I just don't want to 1) have to open the door to strangers and 2) have candy around when I'm being good.

Come Wednesday though, my whole world will be turned on its ear for none other than NaNoWriMo aka National Novel Writing Month. I think I lasted a week last year, so we'll see if I get farther than that this time! I do have a much better plan this time, and that is to write loads of short stories based around a theme (which I can't tell you as that would spoil the surprise, but I think it's pretty clever and hope you do, too). Anyway, it's a challenge to do it, and you know me, always up for a challenge! Besides, if I don't try, how will I ever know if I can write a novel?