Sunday, August 03, 2008

How's About a Nice Cup of STFU?

Car shopping is the pits. Friday, I spent about two hours getting dicked around by the dealers at Honda Airport Marina. They totally marked the Honda Fit up $4000 over sticker because they weren't smart enough to get enough in. Two hours later and we'd barely gotten them to halve the difference. That was when we got the most perfectly timed instant message from our boss that said, "If they are still charging over the sticker, get the fuck out." So, we walked. They totally followed us to our car still trying to work a deal and I had just had it. Why can't there just be a shut the fuck up sign - kinda like the Staples easy button? Seriously, I would use it all the time in restaurants when parents don't control their kids, or you get the guy/gal who needs to fill the room with their voice.

So, I am still with Neon and I swear it's like something new goes wrong every time I drive her. The driver window is now completely off the guide, which just makes getting in and out of work a royal pain. Not to mention the lack of AC, meaning it's a necessity to put the window down every time I get in anyway. Maybe I can just sweat off the 10 lbs I want to lose before I get the new car. Ugh.