Sunday, August 03, 2008

How's About a Nice Cup of STFU?

Car shopping is the pits. Friday, I spent about two hours getting dicked around by the dealers at Honda Airport Marina. They totally marked the Honda Fit up $4000 over sticker because they weren't smart enough to get enough in. Two hours later and we'd barely gotten them to halve the difference. That was when we got the most perfectly timed instant message from our boss that said, "If they are still charging over the sticker, get the fuck out." So, we walked. They totally followed us to our car still trying to work a deal and I had just had it. Why can't there just be a shut the fuck up sign - kinda like the Staples easy button? Seriously, I would use it all the time in restaurants when parents don't control their kids, or you get the guy/gal who needs to fill the room with their voice.

So, I am still with Neon and I swear it's like something new goes wrong every time I drive her. The driver window is now completely off the guide, which just makes getting in and out of work a royal pain. Not to mention the lack of AC, meaning it's a necessity to put the window down every time I get in anyway. Maybe I can just sweat off the 10 lbs I want to lose before I get the new car. Ugh.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Long Goodbye

I took the Neon to the mechanic yesterday, and before I'd even arrived at work, they called to give me the bad news. The transmission is shot and the mechanic did not recommend putting another dollar into her. Needless to say, I was distraught.

The Neon was the first new car I ever bought and I've become quite attached to her and her idiosyncrasies. We've been through a lot together - road trips, blow outs, accidents, friends, dating, dieting, short hair, long hair, dyed hair, job after job after job... As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, it was my first permanent job in entertainment that allowed me to buy her, and she's come along for the ride as my career has been built. She put up with me shifting her into lower gears to gain extra power to pass more powerful cars, carried me faithfully to and fro work and held her head high even as her age showed. I spent most of yesterday mourning her, crying during my daily meeting and tearing up at the thought of not driving her anymore.

I spent some of today researching my next car, which I think will be the Honda Fit. I still need to sit in it and test drive (trust me, we tried to do this today, but the local Honda dealer sold their last Fit last night - harumph!), but aside from that, I like what I've seen. And, let's face it, the Sport version comes in purple, and as far as I'm concerned, that is the most important thing of all.

The picture on the Honda site makes it look more navy blue, but IRL, it's more of a blackish purple with glitter:

The Fit is Go

As a goodbye gesture to the Neon, I took a picture of the mileage on the way to work this morning. It seemed fitting that after more than 12 years together, the mileage should be 121212:


I know we will be going our separate ways within the next month (the mechanic said I could drive her for about that without too many problems), but the times we had were good and that is what I will try to remember.

And speaking of... Here are two pics of the Neon the day I got her:

Neon new

My first time behind the wheel:

Happy day

Ah, memories..... *sniffle*!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

That whole New Year's Resolution to better balance work and life has been a bit of a bust. What can I say? It's been a busy year! The good thing is, I think I may have a bit of a breather before it gets really crazy, and let me say, I'm going to need it.

My poor car - I've needed to fix the AC for months and there has just not been any time to do it. I'm taking her in for a few other things tomorrow (transmission/oil change/tire rotation) and depending on what they say, I may be car shopping *sniffle*. I really don't want to deal with buying a new car right now! And truth be told, I like my car. Silly, I know, but in a sea of sameness, she stands out.

So, I've been trying to decide which direction to take my blog in - obviously, since it's public, I keep most personal information out of it (stalkers need not apply), but I'm not sure whether to skew it towards my crafting or my dolls. Both of those hobbies bleed into one another since I do make a lot of things for Blythe, but I think it might be better if I focus on crafting in general, with the girls making an occasional appearance. I also wouldn't mind working on improving my photography. Usually, I'm happy when everything is in focus, but honestly, I think the best way to showcase my crafting is through better photography.

Speaking of crafting, a co-worker and I are already planning what to make for the Holiday Bazaar at work in November. We'll see if anything comes to fruition as I am always full of plans (better than full of $hit, I suppose), and have trouble with the follow-through (hello, lonely blog o'mine). It can't hurt to try advance planning, and roping someone else into it means I am responsible to that person and less likely to flake. See? Already an improvement! ha!

And just so this isn't the most boring post ever with no visual stimulus in sight, I leave you with professional pictures (not taken by me, natch) of the two pairs of shoes I bought this week - both by Born (spelled with a / through the o, only I don't remember the code to get that to show up, but you get which brand I mean...). They're supah cute and supah comfy. In fact, I think my feet will be having a deep and meaningful relationship with these shoes for the next few months!

Pair #1 - the heels:

Pair #2 - the flats:
born brin

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Last night's celebrations were not too much in excess. Maybe it's getting to a certain age that makes you realize overeating isn't all that anymore. Nxtdrguy and I went to Black Angus, heretofore known as "The Anus" (yes, we really are that immature) to celebrate and split a pound of prime rib - ugh, my stomach is in knots thinking about it! We've now gone there the last 3 years straight, mainly because we know they're one of the few restaurants that are open late and we like to reward them for that with our loyalty. After eating, we went to his place and watched "Serenity", which played so differently, now that I've seen the entire Firefly series. A lot darker and a lot more action. I still wish they'd do a sequel, but that's because most of what's put out by Hollywood is just so much dreck, aimed at the lowest common denominator.

When the film ended, we played a little Animal Crossing to watch the clock change and celebrate with our virtual friends. Somehow it seemed better than watching Dick Clark kissing his wife and listening to Ryan Seacrest pretending he's cool and down with that. Yuck.

Anyway, that was last night. Today, of course, is the first day of the new year, and well, that means one thing: RESOLUTIONS. I usually make fun ones like "getting in touch with my inner bitch" and "must learn how to play guitar", in the hope I can actually follow through on (Let's say I was successful with one of those...)

So, without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2008 (in no particular order):
1 - incorporate more exercise into my routine and watch what I eat
2 - file the papers that have piled up
3 - sell what I don't use on ebay
4 - keep in better contact with my friends (I've been a little out of the loop)
5 - find a better balance between work and home life
6 - knit through more of my yarn stash and sew through my fabric stash
7 - save money
8 - teach nxtdrguy how to play backgammon

I think I can manage most of those (even if I detest filing). I guess we'll know how successful I was by the end of the year! XD