Sunday, October 31, 2010

Anthro Rennie Tee Shirt

Like many crafting bloggers, I find Anthropologie's website to be very inspiring. Earlier this week, I fell in love with the Rennie Tee, and although the original was made from knit fabric, I thought I would try my hand at a woven version. I made it in about 4 hours this morning, and I really love the results!

Here's the original:

Rennie Tee - Anthropologie Fall 2010

The William Morris-style fabric with the contrasting trim really works with simple design of the t-shirt.

I chose Vogue 7457 as my basis for the design, and some cotton satin I had in my stash from Mom:

Vogue 7457

I chose View C, but made a few changes. First, I really wanted the length of View B, but since I had decided to use the wrong side of the fabric as my contrast, I removed the hem length (1 1/4") from View C, and lowered the slits by 2". I also did the same for the sleeves (though this had more to do with the fact the fabric I was using was only 36" wide, so I didn't have enough to make them longer).

Before sewing the shoulders and side seams together, I hemmed the sleeves by pressing 1/4" to the outside and then another 1" after that. I then topstitched the contrast hems. For the lower bands, I again pressed under 1/4" and then folded the hem to the outside to where my new slits ended (about 3"). I then folded this back to the inside, stitched the sides of the contrast together (in order to encase the contrast portion), trimmed the seams I just stitched, clipped the side seams to the notch, and turned the contrast wrong side out again. I pinned the contrast down and topstitched it down. Once I did that to the front and back pieces, I was able to sew the side seams together and the top was almost done!

Lastly, I decided I wanted a contrast band at the neck edge, so I cut self bias tape that was 1 1/4" in width and about 24" in length (I measured the neck area and suggest you do the same. It doesn't have to be too perfect since bias will stretch). I used the bias tape to encase the neck edge. First, I pinned it to the wrong side and adjusted to fit, and the sewed the raw edges together (joining the bias ends in a circle) at one of the shoulder seams. Then, I stitched it the the wrong side of the neck edge before pressing it to the right side, (pressing raw edge under by 1/4"), and finally stitching the bias tape in place. And that was it! Super simple and very cute. It will make a great top by itself in the Summer, but I know me, and it will also get worn throughout the fall and winter over a long sleeve t-shirt, with either pants or a skirt.

Here's my finished version:

Rennie T-shirt

And a close up of the contrasting trim:

Rennie T-shirt - close up

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking the Plunge

While Wardrobe Refashion undergoes it's changes, I've decided to do my own personal challenge. In an effort to knock down my massive stash (fabric and yarn) and cut down on spending, I hereby publicly declare that for the next 4 months, I will not buy new clothing. That means this pledge will be done on my birthday, so if I feel the need to treat myself, it will be well-deserved and much-desired!

Admittedly, the hardest habit to kick will be my shoe addiction. I may slip up, and promise to report back on my progress.

Here goes nothing!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

It's up! aka Get Your Hoodies Right Here

Just a heads up: The hoodie pattern I wrote is up over at Thank you so much to Linda and Melissa for hosting it for me!

Hope everyone likes it! I would love to see an army of Blythes dressed in Hoodies :-D