Wednesday, January 13, 2016

02/52 - St. Germain beanie

A couple years ago, Anthropologie had a hat on their site called the St. Germain beanie.  I immediately fell in love with the style - a spiral design with beads - and decided to recreate it using Paton's classic roving in a sunshine yellow (minus the beads - I'm not really a bling kinda gal).  I love that thing!  At the time, I wrote up some notes with the idea to publish a pattern and then got busy with life and let it sit.  Cut to now and I decided to do just that.  I bought another skein of Paton's classic roving and test knit my notes (and recreated part where I just figured I would remember what I did - oy, when will I learn?). 

So, project 02 of 52 is the test knit of a pattern I'll be publishing on ravelry soon!  My friend, Sandra, was the first to say she wanted it when I posted a pic on Facebook, so the sample will be hers (or she can pic any color she likes and I'll knit her one because she's knit-worthy like that).

Here's a pic of the latest version (there are two lengths - one is skull cap length and this one is floppy beanie):

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